New EPC Register

With effect from Sunday 20th Sept the central web based register where all domestic, commercial EPCs, DECs and Air conditioning inspections are lodged will be moving from Landmark to a .GOV website.  All previous Landmark certificates will be migrated to the new site.

The format of the certificate is also changing to make them simpler to understand, however a full draft copy of domestic EPC will no longer be available.  Elmurst energy has designed a summary report which assessors can send to clients prior to lodgement.

If a property is to be let and is an F or G Grade there is now a clear statement at the top of the EPC stating that, ‘You may not be able to let this property’ as it does not meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) that became law in Apr 20 not just upon change of tenancy but for existing tenants too.

Link to the new .Gov website:

Link to Elmhurst Energy summary of chnages with example links:

Sales and let moves are on the up

As the complete lockdown started to lift in June the housing market for both sales and lets saw a marked increase in turnover.  This is in part due to the governments stamp duty removal up to £500K, continuing low interest rates and the wish to move away from large conurbations to the likes of Lincolnshire and more space to live!

Assess Energy Solutions has also seen an increase in survey work and does so with full Covid 19 precautions and updated risk assessments based on government and accreditation body best practice. Gloves and face mask will be worn in occupied domestic and commercial properties and full hand cleaning pre and post visit.

When booking an assessment you will be asked additional questions regarding the occupants of the property and precautions to take before survey to minimise interaction.

No more surveys for a while...

With the announcement from the Prime Minster to 'Stay at Home' unless absolutely essential due to the worsening Coronavirus pandemic; Assess Energy Solutions has ceased all on-site survey work until further notice.

The acceditaion bodies who grant our software licence and insurance didn't instruct energy assessors to stop surveys but; they insisted on a full written risk assessment on each visit with a follow-up report detailling the survey and any face-to-face encounters with owners or tenants.  This makes the surveys untenable and raises questions regarding liability and imdemnity insurance cover.

Whilst unable to do any new EPC assessments we are avaliable to answer questions regarding EPCs, energy saving and current legislation.

For owners, landlords, tenants and eatate agents the regulations are being eased at a local level with at least one district council writting to confirm there will be no action taken against landlords for failing to attain the minimum E grade for rental properties.

The industry is still waiting for difinitive guidence from UK Governmnet departments on the following short term recommnedations:

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: 

  • Easing or postponing the regulations on implementation of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards 1st April 2020 legislation requiring all let properties to be above the F&G EPC bands or to have a registered exemption in place. 

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government:

  • The requirement to provide a current EPC when a property is to be advertised for sale or let.
  • The requirement to have a current EPC on completion of a property sale`
  • Stay safe, keep your distance and protect the NHS


Coronavirus - EPC Surveys

In light of the current worsening Coronavirus epidemic and the social distancing mandated by UK Government; I cannot survey properties unless they are vacant or the occupants are not present whilst I am on-site.

This could take the form of keys for self entry or a property being opened by occupant and then vacated as I arrive to minimise interaction.

I have and will continue to wipe hands with antiseptic wipes before and after each survey and from now on ware disposable surgical type gloves on site.

I am sure that the lack of an EPC or whether a property meets MEES for rental will not be enforced until embargoes are lifted but, I have not had confirmation at this stage.

Please call or email to discuss options and stay safe and well

Assess Energy Solutions UK