Standard Assessment Procedure

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is a measure of the energy efficiency of a property. The government introduced the SAP assessment scheme to determine whether a building complies with the regulations.

The building regulations are:

  • Part L (England and Wales)
  • Section 6 (Scotland)
  • Part F (Northern Ireland)

Assess Energy Solutions UK, are able to professionally complete SAP calculations.

SAP calculations are required for:

  • New builds
  • Any existing property being converted into a dwelling (i.e. former office buildings being converted to apartments or barn conversion)
  • Extensions to dwellings where the glazing is more than 25% of the floor area being added

A SAP calculation can be completed without the need to visit site; however, some detailed documentation is required:

  • A complete set of architectural scale drawings (floor plans, sections, elevations and site plan). Ideally 1:100 and/or 1:50
  • An architect’s specification, or if you do not have one a completed data collection sheet. (an example will be sent when instructed to conduct an assessment)

The Government accredited software is used to provide an accurate SAP calculation; these are complex and the report will assess how much money the cost of providing heating, ventilation and lighting to the house will be, and then subtract any energy saving solutions from this total.

In addition, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that will be released from the dwelling in order to maintain a comfortable and acceptable place to live will also be calculated. The dwelling is then allocated a score from A+ to G, with A+ being the best and G being the least energy efficient.

If the results for the designs/specifications provided, do not meet the ‘modelled efficiency’ for the size and type of dwelling, we are able to advise a number of different ways in which you can raise the score, usually through very cost effective means. We can then repeat the SAP calculation to prove compliance with building regulations.

It is a legal requirement that a Design Stage SAP calculation is completed before any construction begins. We can produce a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA); which can be used for building control & marketing purposes. Many self-builders and small firms leave the SAP calculation until the last minute, which could result in delays, might result in changes to the plans and expensive remedial work needed in order to ensure that the proposed dwelling receives a satisfactory SAP calculation.

The second stage of the SAP assessment is then completed after the dwelling has been constructed, and is known as the As Built. This is required, along with the On-Construction Energy Performance Certificate (OCEPC), to ensure that the building is signed off.

In large developments of the same house type, SAP calculations can be taken from a sample, and then applied to each of the buildings. This will mean that every plot has a SAP calculation and an EPC will issued for each plot upon completion.

Documents can be sent directly through via email, posted or dropped into our office.