Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)


In the continuing drive to make domestic and non-domestic properties more energy efficient, the UK government launched the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).  The scheme started in 2016 with an introduction period of two years - the aim is to improve the energy grades of housing and commercial premises to E or better

1 April 2018 is when MEES comes into force and any new tenancies must have an EPC of E or better.  From April 2020 all domestic lets new or existing must achieve at least an E.  Non-domestic date is April 2023.

There are penalties for non-compliance but, also grants for insulation, heating and lighting (see ECO 2 details on this site)

There are exceptions and more detail to MEES; which is linked here and can be explained if you call Mark at Assess Energy Solutions UK

Elmhurst Energy factsheet MEES - Private Rental Sector

Elmhurst Energy factsheet MEES - Non-Domestic Private Rental Sector

Landlord guidence from The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy